This is a collection of frequently used GIS operations in R. In this collection, we use R as a GIS independently from further GIS software (e.g. SAGA using RSAGA).

The GIS operations are separated into vector-and raster operations as well as tools which combine both data models. Furthermore, some examples for visualisations of geodata will be given.

Used Packages

The following packages are required for the GIS operations and visaulisations shown in this tutorial. First, they need to be installed and the libraries need to be loaded subsequently.

  #required packages:
  #install packages (if not yet installed)
  #lapply(Packages, install.packages, character.only=T)
  #load Libraries
  lapply(Packages, library, character.only=T)

If the MODIS package cannot be installed on the respective R version use the following command:

install.packages("MODIS", repos="http://R-Forge.R-project.org",type="source")

Hanna Meyer

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