Setup Photoscan on a cluster

The concept is roughly outlined in chapter 8 of the Agisoft Photoscan manual. Nevertheless there atre some pitfalls and not so well documented features.

First you need to export a common net ressource. You may follow the digitialocean example:

# on the sever side (exporting machine)
sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server
sudo mkdir /var/nfs/general -p
sudo chown nobody:nogroup /var/nfs/general
sudo nano /etc/exports
sudo systemctl restart nfs-kernel-server

# on the clients side
sudo apt-get install nfs-common
sudo mkdir /var/nfs/agi -p
sudo mount /var/nfs/agi

Now you have to start a head node as photoscan server

nohup ./ --server --dispatch  --root /var/nfs/agi

Next you may assign node(s)

nohup ./ --node --dispatch  --opencl_gpu_mask 1  --root /var/nfs/agi
Be aware, that the monitor and the network installation of Agisoft Photoscan must have the same version. The installation on the computer can have a newer version.
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